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nm43 Secret Garden

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nm42 Anne Bonny

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nm40 Stand Out

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nm41 Clock Work





Crafted along the Irish coast line

My creations come from a variety of inspirations, both from inside and outside the fashion jewellery industry and boast style and creativity along with good value and durability. I first started like many people with the simple string beads and have progressed to those within my website today, having taught myself all that you can see and hopefully appreciate.
I have been involved in a number of fashion shows both in Belfast and in Dublin.

Jewellery Inspired by the Game of Thrones theme


I also do commission work, ranging from small accessory pieces to jaw dropping centre pieces, from single outfit pieces to full wardrobe collections based on client colour ranges.
I hope if you take the time to visit my website that you will see that I have many ranges to suit many tastes and each piece can be tailor made to suit each client. Hoping that you like my site and come and view my collections which are,  if I say so, better appreciated in person.

To mark a special occasion or give a special gift or you have an idea in mind for a earrings, necklace or bracelet. Sandra is happy to discuss your jewellery ideas to make them into a relativity. You can direct the creation for individual pieces or even matching sets.

Sandra is happy to discuss your jewelleryideas to make your ideas into relativity. You can direct the creation of individual pieces or even matching sets.


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